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C-40 friction welding machine

C-40 friction welding machine
C-40 friction welding machine
C-40 friction welding machine
Technical parameters of C-40 friction welding machine
Model: C-40
Maximum upset force (KN): 400
Maximum speed of main shaft (RPM): 630 / 1200
Weldment diameter (medium carbon steel) (mm): 25-55
Clamping length of rotating fixture (mm): 50-300
Clamping length of mobile fixture (mm): 100-600
Maximum stroke of sliding table (mm): 800
Total power (kw): single head: 68
Double head: 112
Productivity (piece / hour): 60-100
Overall dimension (L × w × h) (mm): 4200 × 4100 × 2400 5800x2170x1350
Weight (ton): 8 11
Remarks: combined friction welding machine
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