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The company is a high-tech enterprise of modern machinery manufacturing integrating development, design and manufacturing, It is an advanced unit for the revitalization of domestic enterprises, a AAA enterprise of China 21315 quality reputation, a designated unit for the production of milling machines in China, and a professional manufacturer of friction welding machines in China. In 1995, the company passed ISO9001 certification; 2008 quality system certification; the products were listed in the list of "famous, excellent and new" mechanical and electrical products, many of which became patents. The main products are: X Series milling machine, CNC milling machine, vertical / horizontal machining center, C series friction welding machine and welding auxiliary machine and special machine, special line, special machine for nuclear industrial reactor, etc.

Our company is director of milling machine branch of China Machine Tool Association, member of China nuclear industry fast reactor industry alliance, member of pressure welding Committee of China Welding Society.
The company produces more than 50 varieties of C series friction welding machines with 37 specifications, such as 0.3-600t. It has the outstanding characteristics of energy saving, material saving and pollution-free. It is used in automobile, tool, petroleum, geology, aerospace, military industry and other industries, and can be used for the welding of bimetal and special-purpose parts. The development of this series of products has won many national, provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards and new product awards. At the same time, it has been recognized as the promotion project of energy-saving products in the mechanical industry by the original mechanical industry bureau in China. The company's friction welding products in the domestic market share has reached more than 90%.
At the same time, the company has developed a variety of specifications and models of new / special / heavy-duty friction welding machines by using new technologies such as monitoring, phase, thermomechanical treatment, etc. independently developed and designed by the company, making the level of such products close to or reach the world's advanced level, and some products have become substitutes for imported products.
The company produces X Series milling machine products according to the standards, including 9 products of general type, economic type CNC, vertical / horizontal lifting table milling machine XD, XK series, 8 products of vertical / horizontal machining center, 5 products of CNC floor boring milling machine and CNC gantry milling machine, etc., with strong performance price ratio advantage, among which the annual production capacity of general series milling machine is 500 at present.
The company now has 259 production equipment of all kinds, including 186 metal cutting equipment. The company has electric control laboratory and precision measuring tool test room. It has relatively complete test and detection equipment, such as three-dimensional detection, paint film thickness gauge, laser interferometer, 30m collimator, ut flaw detector, ball instrument and other precision instruments.
At present, through the upgrading of products and management, and the implementation of talent and information strategy, the company has achieved a sustainable development rate of more than 20% annual growth since its establishment.

In order to further expand the production scale of the company's main products, improve product quality, reduce various costs and expenses, and improve the company's comprehensive profitability, the company will enhance its corporate popularity and product brand effect through effective integration or investment promotion, so as to win more market shares and make greater contributions to the domestic and local economic development.

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